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Criminal defense cases do not crop up out of one’s willingness. But when they do pop up, it is important for the falsely accused to get rid of the misdemeanor and felony charges pertaining to the case. To find the right way of getting out of such cases, it is important to seek professional legal advice from the consultants having experience in solving such cases. One of the best places for finding the best criminal defense attorney Jersey City is Bruno and Ferraro.

Bruno and Ferraro, established in 1980 is a firm of professional attorneys and law counselors in and around New Jersey. The criminal defense attorney Jersey City at Bruno and Ferraro handle a lot of multi-dimensional cases such as the ones that even lead to serious felonies resulting in death or serious bodily injuries. Such cases include manslaughter, felony murder, attempted murder, vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, death by auto, assault etc. The other kinds of cases catered to by our criminal attorneys-cum-consultants are- serious felonies not resulting in death, sexual offences, non-violent white-collar crimes, drug offenses, weapon offenses etc.

While attending to the above-mentioned cases is one part of the expertise that the attorneys hold, it is important to mention that our attorneys also have a wide experience and exposure to the municipal cases. The criminal defence attorneys at Bruno and Ferraro have represented countless clients charged with crimes and driving offenses in the Municipal Court. The attorneys’ overall experiences with the Municipal Courts of the city enable them to address any kinds of charges filed in a municipal court and help the falsely accused in all possible ways.

Our attorneys are pioneers in their field and practice advocacy in the most strategic, experienced and result-driven approach. If you are looking for a best Bergen County DWI lawyer or criminal defence attorney Jersey City who can provide a complete start to end support for any sort of criminal case- be it sexual assault, burglary, drug possession, manslaughter etc., ‘Bruno and Ferraro’ is the right choice for you. With the extensive knowledge of the domain and a wide experience, our attorneys will leave no stone unturned to assist you with the case.

What sets Bruno and Ferraro apart from the other legal consultancy groups is that we provide a wholesome support in all the phases that your case passes through. Right from investigation of the crime scene, providing the latest and up-to-date legal research and advice, vigorous defending of the falsely accused in the court room to negotiating for the client in State, Federal and Municipal courts of New Jersey city, we will always be with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are meeting us for your first consultation or for the final resolution of your case, our attorneys will always be equally supportive of you. At no point during the legal consultation would we provide you false information of the case, no matter what the level of complexity is! However, our focus of protecting your rights and preventing the consequences of a criminal conviction will always be at the place.

Giving you the right legal advice throughout the case proceedings while constantly making efforts to prevent negative consequences on the client is the key quality of attorneys at Bruno and Ferraro and we never compromise on that!

To hire our experienced lawyers, visit Bruno and Ferraro Law Firm.

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